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Posted by smilemesane on 2005.08.22 at 07:53
I'm a newbie to the community... I work at an animal bloodbank as a "blood bank assistant" which means I hold dogs while they donate blood. Basically we rescue them from being destroyed by animal control or kill-shelters, house them for a year, and they donate blood and plasma (very humanely, never have I seen animals more well taken care of than at this facility!), then they are up for adoption. If they don't get adopted they still live there (hence why we have 55 cats in-house!) until they do, or die of old age :) I work with the dogs, cats, as well as the llama and goats. I work in the lab most of the time, now, but started out in the kennel and cattery, where my heart is - with the kids.

I also work as a vet assistant at a private practice clinic. I do reception work there, too. There are 3 regular docs, usually 2 on at the same time, we do surgery there, and kennel cats. I've only been at the clinic about 2 months, I've been at the bloodbank about 15 months. I love my work, stress and all! heh... Working on becoming a licensed vet tech through wayne state university in Michigan where I live.

At home I've got a 4yr old black lab x named Stitch (as in "Lilo &") with severe separation anxiety we're working on correcting, a new baby 10 wk old kitten all black named Persephone, and a 4yr old Russian Grey named Dmitry :)


Tips on dealing with aggressive dogs

Posted by riayn on 2005.08.20 at 14:23
I am doing a speech for my vet nursing class on dog behaviour and part of it will cover dog aggression. I am seeking some different ways clinics have of handling aggressive dogs, or potentially aggressive dogs at their clinic such as what are good ways to calm the fear biter, dealing with cage aggressive dogs, how to approach dominant aggressive dogs etc.

Also if people have tips about how to put dogs at ease in general whilst in hospital I would really appreciate it as I want to make my speech as relevant to the work environment as I can.

Thanks :)

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How was your week?

Posted by riayn on 2005.08.19 at 21:56
How has your week been? Any interesting cases? Annoying clients? Adorable patients?

My week has been long. It seemed to last at least 2, maybe 3 weeks. That is probably because we have been fairly quiet at work, except for dog grooms. This seems to be the week that everyone wants their dog clipped. I really don't like grooming. I have made my peace with it, so that the mere thought of it doesn't see me flying into an angry rage, but it certainly isn't what I thought I would be doing when I became a vet nurse. So this week had many grooms and heaps of baths. Other than that, we had one cruciate ligament surgery on a bouncy golden retriever who, even after his surgery, was full of energy. I feel sorry for the owners trying to get him to endure 6 - 8 weeks of cage rest. Also had in a couple of desexes as well - nothing too exciting. Had in many annoying clients who wanted more than anything to abuse you and make you feel worthless because you weren't the vet. I really dislike people like that.

Introduction Entry

Posted by riayn on 2005.08.11 at 20:05
Current Mood: happyhappy
Time to introduce yourself guys :)

I am a vet nurse living in Sydney, Australia and working fulltime at a 2 vet/2 nurse clinic. At our clinic is there only 1 vet/1 nurse on at a time, except for 2 hours during shift change-over where there are 2 nurses on. I am currently doing my final semester of my Certificate IV in Vet Nursing at Ultimo TAFE.

At home, I am owned by a beagle called Rory (she is on my avatar) and a GSD/Akita called Caleb.

Please feel free to friend me as I do a lot of journalling about my work, which for obvious reason, is friends only. However, I am sure I will be doing a fair bit of cross-posting.

Community Introduction

Posted by riayn on 2005.08.11 at 10:13
I have set up this community to discuss the unique working conditions of the small private practice clinic, especially those where you are the only nurse on or are one of a very small number of nurses. In what other setting would you work not only as a vet nurse/vet tech but as the receptionist, kennel hand, cleaner, pet groomer and lab tech - usually all of these things at once. Where your days shift from being extremely busy to where you debate about washing the walls just so that it looks like you are doing something constructive.
Come and vent about the daily grind, share success (or failure) stories, commiserate about those hard to deal with clients and share hints and tips about working in a small vet clinic.

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