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new message board

Posted by ilove2skate on 2007.05.08 at 22:16
I just created a message board for veterinary technicians to talk about school, work, life etc.
http://vettechnicians.freepowerboards.com Come check it out!


hello there...

Posted by cassian on 2006.03.07 at 19:04
hi everyone, i just joined this community and i wanted to introduce myself :) my name is katie, 26, from michigan. i graduated from the vet tech program last june with my degree, and received my license. i work as an LVT at a great hospital in davison, and i love my job. i have a whippet/dalmatian mix named willow.

Weight Loss Clinic

Posted by riayn on 2006.02.23 at 21:51
I am trying to restart our weight loss clinic and was looking for ideas from those of you who run a similar scheme at your clinic. What do you use to motivate owners? Are you using a program from a pet food company or one you designed yourself? Do you think that your current program is easily implemented and successful?
The one we used to have was from Walthams, which now doesn't exist - were they brought out by Royal Canin?
It wasn't all that successful, but because it was introduced just before me joining the clinic, I don't know why it fell apart. I am hoping to avoid having all my hard work come to nothing.

Posted by sariss on 2005.12.11 at 22:03
Hey everyone! My name is Robyn. I'm just finishing my first semester of a two year Vet Tech program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. I'm looking forward to finishing up, graduating, then heading back to my clinic!
For a few years now, I've worked as a Veterinary Assistant at a local small clinic. I really enjoy it, and beginning work there was what helped me decide what I wanted to do with my life. And I'm glad I chose this profession!
I hope to talk to some of you soon! Wish me luck, I've got six exams starting tomorrow!

Unusual Animal Names

Posted by riayn on 2005.11.17 at 17:07
Things have been pretty quiet in here, so I figured I would liven things up with a weird topic.

What are the most unusual animal names you have ever encountered?

My list would have to include a cat called Blueberry Budha, a papillion x pomeranian called Giant Dude and a DSH cat called Splat.

I'm in ur intarwebz
Posted by rhapsodical78 on 2005.10.12 at 21:22
Hi there. My name is Naomi. I've recently started a livejournal community for Australian dog owners. This is not specific to animal welfare, but I hope that it may facilitate local community cohesion concerning animal welfare. It is a place where people can share pictures of their dogs as well as potentially discuss local animal issues, including laws, fostering and animal transportation. If you feel you may be interested please join up by clicking here: dogs_australia


(Mods, if not appropriate, feel free to delete.)


Posted by _gibberish_ on 2005.09.29 at 20:31
I'm currently in my 2nd year of a Veterinary Technology course at UQ (Australia). I'm hoping to get into Vet Science next year though.

At the moment I'm doing two different assignments on Canine Parvovirus. One for my Animal Health & Epidemiology class and another for Animal Health Technology. Both assignments are on the infection control principles and procedures in vet hospitals/clinics concerning this disease.

I was just wondering if anyone has any good information on Parvo or any good websites etc. where I could go to find someof this information?

Thanks heaps.

X-posted, sorry.

Vet Tech1-me

Hi I'm new

Posted by horse_lovercvc on 2005.09.06 at 18:42
Hi I'm new, my name is Elizabeth Collum.

I'm not working at a clinic yet, I'm going to school to become a Vet tech, and i'm doing that full time. I saw this community and thought it would be helpfull to me.

I goto Ceder Valley College in Lancaster Tx. I'm in my third symester doing vet tech, actually i'm in between first and second year right now. Cause i did a lot of the classes in the spring and last summer. So i'm actually a tweeny as we are called at school.

I work for my sister every once in a while, when i can as a assistant for her business. She's an acountant so i do a lot of filing and stuff like that. I also help her with her dog if she needs soemthing for him. Tell her things i've heard at school and stuff to help her with him.

hmm i have a cat, which i think is a bombay. Her name is Anna, she's a rescue. We found her in my garage when she was about a month old.

Theres actually a storry behind her name. When we found her we didn't know if she was a boy or girl since their pretty hard to tell. She was and is very adventures and reminded me of Indeanna Jones. So i named her (still thinking she was a boy) Indeanna. Well a acouple months later we took her in to the vet for her shots and the vet looked at her and said that it looked like she might be a girl. We waited a few more weeks and she did end up to be a girl. I was crusshed, i was so proud of my name. Then my mom said that we didn't have to change her name, just call her anna.

I know i spelled that name wrong, i'll come back and change it if i rememeber but that is how she got her name. We also call her fluffy, cuase she is a little fluff ball sometimes.

I almost lost her this summer, she got really sick and anemic. She had bordatella. The vet put her on some antibiotics and she is doing great now. It took her almost a month to get completly well again. Now i'm afraid she'll get it again, but she is healthy right now.

I also have a dog, Buddy, who is a German Sheppard/sheltie mix. He's spolt rotten and lives up to his name most of the time.

His name was pretty easy to come up with. My sister had a friend that's dog had puppies and we got him free from her. My sister has his sister and the two of them are very different in personality, but have the same faciel fetures, it's pretty funny. Anyways when i picked him up, i set him in my lap and tried to figure out what i was going to name him. I kept calling him buddy, saying what am i going to name you buddy. My sister told me that buddy sounded like a good name for him and i thought about it an nodded. So i named him Buddy Bear. Bear is after my child hood dog that i grew up with, who was a Chow.

Well that's all i can think of for now, like i said i'm not in a clinic right now, but i don't really have time with school.

I'll talk to you later,

Who's that serious looking dude?

A funny experience

Posted by erbn on 2005.09.03 at 18:21
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
I work as a tech at a veterinary clinic with four doctors and about a dozen other techs. It's almost two years now since I've started, and I've learned an awful lot about the field from my time spent there. It's a job that I immensely enjoy, and there are those moments of humor or simple oddity that make up for the sorrow and frustration that are experienced so often. This seems like a great community and I thought I'd share a funny story for my first post. This happened roughly eight months ago during my morning shift.
Somewhat Lengthy StoryCollapse )

Thank you, Thank you

Posted by riayn on 2005.09.01 at 19:50
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Thanks to everyone who gave me such wonderful tips on how to deal with aggressive dogs in the clinic. I had my presentation today. Not only did my teacher ask for a copy of my presentation, but he commented that my boss should be proud to have such a great behavioural nurse working in their clinic.
So thank you, your wonderful ideas made me look like I was an expert in the field.

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